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What Do We Do?

We find your friction points and connect you with talent.
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We offer a variety of service solutions for independent news media outlets to help ensure your success in this rapidly evolving industry.

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From design/strategy to branding and marketing we aid individuals and start-ups with finding their niche and creating their product ecosystem.

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Activism is a challenging endeavor. We can help smash the barriers to entry and success with personalized support, access, networking and advice.

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Whether you need a career or simply a piece published to the right audience we can help place your work in front of those who need and value it most.

Your success is our bottom line.

Who is g3 group?

We are comprised of activists, journalists, media outlets, companies, and individuals who wish to unite to further the cause of free press, trustworthy information access, and integrity within independent media.
Our Mission

G3 Group aims to serve news media individuals, businesses, non-profits, and more to improve their operations, efficiency, and public outreach as well as organize & network key persons of influence within the independent media movement in order to strengthen, embolden, and encourage its success.

  • We can help you ensure your monetization model and product ecosystem bring the most value to your fans, followers, readers, and friends alike; while helping you remain profitable and competitive.

  • Our team members work with clients who have millions of end users to constantly optimize their reach and help understand their niche and demographics and how to best reach them.

  • We are well versed in journalism across a spectrum of news topics such as: Political/Geo-political, economic, environmental, technological, and trending subjects. We are experts at publishing techniques such as copy writing, editing, WordPress management, title crafting, and more.

  • For half a decade we have compiled relationships with content leaders and influential individuals across a wide array of exptertise and backgrounds. Whether you need to meet that perfect partner or employee, we can help connect you.

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We currently serve nearly 11,000,000 end users.

Trust is our #1 priority. We understand your readers and fans expect certain things from you and your product. Our team is currently delivering optimized information and strategies to clients that have nearly 11,000,000 end users in total.

Meet the team

We employ top talents in the industry.

Derrick Broze

Journalist, Activist, Founder of The Conscious Resistance Network, News Analyst

Emma Fiala

Lead Manager, Operations Expert, Journalist, Editor, Photographer, Video/Graphic Content Creator, Activist

Nick Bernabe

Lead News Analyst, Founder of The Anti-Media, Editor, Activist

Ford Fischer

Video and Livestream Specialist, Founder of News2Share, Media Consultant

Aaron Nelson

Co-Founder, Production Specialist, Social Media Expert, News Strategist

Robert Caputo

Founder, Lead Strategist, Entrepreneur, Activist

We also produce exclusive content.